Stucco Inspection Dallas

Stucco Inspection

As proactive homeowners, it’s important to stay on top of any issues that may arise with stucco exteriors. Here at Stucco Repair Dallas TX, we always perform an annual stucco inspection after the first install, because everyone knows that problems are much easier and cheaper to fix when they are caught in the early stages. It’s like a cavity, would you rather catch and take care of a cavity when it’s only a cavity in your tooth which may cost roughly $200 to drill and fix? Or would you prefer to wait until it’s extremely painful, the damage now requires a full root canal, and now you’re looking at a bill of $1,500 or more? The choice is clear, and that same concept is applied ten-fold when it comes to taking care of your home, because the costs that can be incurred are also applied ten-fold!

We highly recommend you contact the experts at Stucco Repair Dallas TX to give you the professional stucco and water damage inspection Dallas needs. Stucco damage is not that expensive to fix when it’s caught in it’s early stages, but you let it go too long and you’ll wish you had fixed it earlier! On top of that, stucco damage isn’t always the easiest to detect with the untrained eye, which is why here at Stucco Repair Dallas TX we offer a  professional free stucco inspection! 

Your Own Stucco Moisture Detection Dallas, TX

The two biggest enemies to your home are going to be water and sunlight, and we’re sure everyone can agree that water is definitely the worst. That’s why the focal point of our stucco inspections are around moisture penetration, because water inside of wall cavities wreaks havoc on the inside of your home.

Here’s how water hurts your home: first, cracks appear that allow more water than usual to enter inside of your wall. Water can already enter in small amounts because stucco is porous, but usually that water is stopped by the lath paper and then the extremely hot sunny days we get end up evaporating that water before damage occurs. The problem is, once cracks appear you have a much higher amount of water entering your home and as water continues to pass, the water flowing by erodes the walls of the crack causing the cracks to get bigger and bigger as time passes. Eventually, so much water pours into the wall that there isn’t enough time for the water to evaporate, which is how the inside of your walls stay damp and that’s when the major damage starts to occur.

To make things worse, older homes used tar paper as their lath paper or water barrier, and with the extreme heat we get in Texas that tar begins to dry out, and you’re left with construction paper. Now, whenever water hits that paper, it absorbs the water like a sponge and it holds that moisture directly against your studs and promotes mold growth. It’s important to use the correct water barrier behind the stucco. If your stucco was installed over 10 years ago, we recommend you give us a call for a free stucco inspection, it’s better to have an inspection and not need it, than need an inspection and not have it.

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