Dallas Stucco Impact Damage

Stucco Impact Damage

The good thing about stucco is that it is very rigid and it is a very strong material, so if it is installed properly, it should be able to withstand some of the worst weather that we have available to us. Luckily in Texas we are not commonly experiencing earthquakes which is what would cause a lot of cracks in the stucco, more often than not we will get hail damage and the occasional tornadoes. But these are not the only things that also caused impact damage. Many things could cause pockmarks and impact scars on your exterior, such as lawnmowers, Weedwhacker‘s, the kids playing too close to the wall, woodpeckers even cause damage, and even carrying heavy furniture around the walls or accidentally tapping the wall with your vehicle will cause impact damage. The biggest concern when it comes to impact damage is that it opens up avenues of entry for other damages, so it’s always good to be careful of what damage you can cause, but somethings are just out of our control such as hail.

When it comes to the hail storms that we get all the time in North Texas, it’s obvious to anyone who’s lived here for more than a year that hail reeks havoc on our cities. Not only does it total cars and break windows, will even get hail the size of softballs that has been known to kill cattle. With all that in mind, these type of natural disasters can really Cause a lot of destruction to your exterior, and if left untreated, you are just inviting very costly repairs into your home. That’s why we always recommend that you get your stucco inspected after a large hail storm, Because you may start to notice cracking, indentations, or the stucco may just not look right. Not only is that unsightly, but if left unattended, that’s how you start to lead to stains on your exterior, which could lead to mosque or mildew or mold growth, and all of that water intrusion definitely leads to crumbling stucco, and worst case scenario you start to see soft spots because of unattended water damage behind your walls.

Impact damage in our opinion is the least of your concerns when it comes to damage, however you are lucky if you notice it and do something about it as soon as it is noticed. Impact damage always leads to further damage, and if you take care of your exterior when you just see some hail pockmarks, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in the future by being proactive. However if you know that a hail storm happened, rocks have hit your stucco from the lawnmower, or any other impact has hit your exterior, it would be unwise to put it off as everyone is aware of how expensive motor mediation is, as well as structural repair and foundation repair. If you notice any impact damage on your home, please give us a call immediately so we can give you a free professional inspection and tell you how we can help you in the future!

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