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One of the great qualities of stucco is that it is very breathable, being that it is very porous, the natural flow of air can move in and out of the exterior of your walls preventing stagnant air from building up inside of those walls. Unfortunately, there is a downside that comes with porous material, which is the fact that moisture and water and anything else that is viscous can work its way inside of your wall. Whether it’s a large amount of rain crashing down on your walls every day, or you don’t have proper gutters and dirty water from the roof runs down and works its way into your walls, or maybe heavy wind is just blowing moisture from your lawn into your walls, all of these things contribute to stained stucco. 

The good news is, you have lath paper underneath your stucco if it was installed properly, and so you don’t have to worry about that moisture getting into your studs in your drywall. (Keep in mind, some contractors will still use the old outdated tar paper which will lose its waterproofing abilities over a period of time with the extreme heat if you were in areas like California, Texas, Florida, so make sure that whoever is installing your stucco is using a synthetic water barrier like we use here at Stucco Repair Dallas TX.) The bad news is, that Porras capability allows very unsightly stains to appear on the outside of your stucco, and once those stains appear you do not want to just paint over them with some standard latex paint. Latex paint on the other hand is not porous, unlike stucco, and so painting over a stain that was already caused by moisture is just going to exacerbate the problem because you are now trapping that moisture inside.

As a quick, Band-Aids sort of fix for your stucco, we recommend using a homemade solution of liquid dish soap and water with a tough kitchen cleaning brush. It’s always good to also include some sort of oxygen bleach in case there is any mildew or algae growing, but make sure that it is oxygen bleach and not chlorine bleach, chlorine bleach will kill all of the vegetation around the stucco walls and you’ll be in a much worse situation than you were just leaving the stains there. However, this may just be a temporary fix and if the problem persists, make sure to leave us your information here on the side of this website, or just give us a call and we will give you a free inspection, and if you need any work done will leave you an estimate as well.

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