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One of the most common pieces of information known by almost every homeowner in existence is how extremely bad mold can be for your home, and for a variety of reasons. The most noticeable reason is the fact that it is, for lack of a better word, ugly!  Your stucco is supposed have a beautiful single colored finish with various designs in it, depending on which variety of installation you chose, and adding on uninvited green, yellow, black, purple, blue, etc. spots can’t really take away from the beauty of your home. But the ugliness is the least of your concerns.

The next thing you want to keep in mind is the possible health risks that come with having mold in your home. Now, this does not mean that at the first sight of algae, mildew, or any type of growth you should panic and think that your family is at immediateThe next thing you want to keep in mind risk of injury or death, but it definitely is a “check engine light“ to get somebody out there to check out what’s going on with your house. When it comes to mold, there are over 100,000 types of mold, and a very Small fraction of those types of mold are actually dangerous, like the dreaded black mold. The reason you do want to get someone to look at growth almost immediately though is The fact that usually mold requires growth in a damp dark place, which makes the inside of your walls a perfect breeding ground for mold. If you are already seeing mold or growth on the exterior or on the interior drywall, that means it’s probably a lot worse on the inside already, and if it is that dreaded black mold, that is extremely dangerous to your health and can lead to major lung problems, worst case scenario being death. Many people have been hospitalized because of black mold and you don’t want to be a part of that club.

The last big concern with mold is the cost of mold remediation. It’s very expensive to remediate mold, even more so if it is dangerous black mold, because in that case the company would have to come out in hazmat suits, and you and your family would have to leave the home for a roughly a week. What they will do is then cut up all your drywall and treat all of the mold from the inside, and once it is all treated you can move back in after a week. The problem is those guys are mold remediation experts, not contractors, so then you’ll need to hire a contractor to then fix up all that damage which is just an additional costs on top of fixing your mold issue. This is the reason why we recommend at Stucco Repair Dallas TX that you always get a free inspection whenever you notice any type of mold or algae growth on your stucco, we will let you know what’s going on and if you need an estimate we will give you that as well!

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