Dallas Stucco Crumbling

Crumbling stucco

Crumbling stucco in Dallas is one of the most common damages and problems you’re going to find with your beautiful stucco exterior. It really happens no matter what region or climate you’re in, but it can be prevented with proper installation. Stucco will crumble for a large variety of reasons, one of the biggest one being improper stucco installation, which is why it is so important to pick the very best stucco contractor from the beginning. Give us a call if you need a quote on installing brand new stucco or need to repair existing stucco.

Some of the other reasons that caused stucco to crumble is things such as impact damage from the major amount of hail we get in North Texas. On top of that we get extreme storms which will cause water damage and intruding water breaks down stucco over time. Something that you may be very used to is settling foundations, as a majority of homes built in North Texas are built on clay and foundation settling is extremely common. The settling of the foundations will put stress on the walls and cause the stucco to crumble. The most common reason though is simply age, and that’s a good thing, because when stucco is installed properly it’s supposed to be maintenance free! Make sure your stucco is installed properly and if you are not sure about which contract to use, fill out our contact form on the side of the page and we will give you a call!

When it comes to crumbling stucco, this is a problem that gets worse exponentially because as more and more stucco crumbles away, the integrity of that stucco is compromised and now more water can get inside through the larger holes that develop. Stucco on its own is already very porous so by opening up the stucco even more, you’re just asking for more water to get inside, as well as other issues such as pests. Pass control and it’s self is not a cheap project to get done and an easy way to prevent that added cost is by simply being proactive when you start to notice damages on your walls. Being these problems never fix themselves, the best way to get something taken care of quickly is by taking care of the problem when it is small, think about going To the mechanic. If your oil needs to be changed but you decide to put it off even though you know it needs to be changed, that $60 fix on your car can turn into a multiple thousand dollar fix because now you have to replace the engine since the head casket blew. If you are noticing this type of damage, contact Stucco Repair Dallas TX today!

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